NSA bleeding hearts

Bloomberg reports that the the NSA has been using the heartland bug to do some of their spying.  As the article points out, the spy agency has to make a choice in how it is trying to protect people’s security.  Do they inform the people who can fix it of the bug, or do they exploit it to gain information?  Someone has to make the call of which would better serve general security, and not knowing the relevant details I can’t fault making the choice either way.  However, the NSA would have a lot more credibility with me if they were more transparent about what they have done.  They say they weren’t using the heartbleed exploit, which may be true.  Based on their track record of denying doing thing that are then revealed they did I’m not inclined to trust them.  I don’t expect them to publicize what they are doing, but once called out on something, being honest about it would at least make them seem less villainous.


link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-04-11/nsa-said-to-have-used-heartbleed-bug-exposing-consumers.html



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