Echo chambers of hate

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a report that isn’t much of a surprise.  Many places on the internet serve as an echo chamber.  Like attracts like after all.  If the attraction is that of hating, then such a space will serve to bolster that hate.  This can certainly occur in meatspace, but as many have observed, the internet seems to lessen many people’s inhibitions, making them feel free of consequences.  At a hate based site, such as those reported on, do the feeling free of consequences and echo chamber effects act synergistically?  What is it that tips people over into murderer mode?  From first impressions, it seems like these individuals have lost any personal purpose, and then through a viscous cycle become obsessed with hate.  It seems like the various law enforcement and security agencies about would do well with keeping an eye on these sites for those who seem to be finding purpose at them.

And who at these sites have more purpose than those who run them?  I suspect these people are the least likely to actually go out and start killing, but they seem to be complicit, just as the leader of any terrorist organization.  Yet they claim they don’t support or condone such actions, so far avoiding consequences.


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