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What’s the difference?

The mass shooting(s) and open carry demonstrations have me wondering what is the difference between the people who choose one vs the other.  In the end both are trying to empower themselves.  Both seem to have irrational fears and hatreds.  Is there a difference in kind or is it just a difference in degree?  I don’t know.  I suspect it is the ameliorating and exacerbating factors.  What does the person have to live for?  What avenues can they expect will actually let them feel powerful?  How can they actually conquer those they fear and/or hate?  The murderers seem desperate, as if they think they have no other reasonable route to achieve the power they crave.  The open carriers however don’t seem to be at the point.  They are otherwise happy suburbanites, simply malcontent that they aren’t cowboys and worshiped for it.  But how far will they go if simply carrying a big gun around doesn’t get them what they want?  What if the looks of fear and disgust no longer give them their fix?  What happens when they realize that a lot of that disgust is people thinking they are pathetic losers?  I hope nothing happens and am sure the vast majority of these people wouldn’t decide to assuage their insecurities by killing a lot of people.  But if even one does, that’s one too many.

Playing with fire(arms)

An 11 year old was shot in the head by an uncle. This type of “accident” is inexcusable. Guns are tools of death and destruction. That’s not a bad thing. That they are treated as toys instead is a bad thing. That they are treated as magical talismans of protection and virility is a bad thing.
I’m not an advocate of complete banning of guns, though at this point I can’t muster any objection. I have a very “this is why we can’t have nice things” mentality. Reasonable regulation might drastically reduce the irresponsibility and damage from people using guns. However, with the current culture around guns I suspect that even if such laws were passed, they wouldn’t be enforceable. Of course an out right ban is even less feasible. Another problem that won’t be solved because those that could solve it have no interest in doing so because they think they are immune from it or even profit from it.